Florida Green Building Coalition awards PAR the ultimate recognition

Florida Green Building Coalition awards PAR buildings Platinum StatusPine Avenue Restoration, LLC buildings at 401 and 403 Pine Ave achieved the highest status, “Platinum Status” from the Florida Green Building Coalition. This award is the highest certification available and requires a minimum score of 100 points.  PAR’s other properties at 315 Pine Ave have exceeded this by more than 50%, with a score of 165 total points.  Kicking it up, the buildings located at 401 and 403 Pine Ave, the PAR partners took every reasonable opportunity to improve things.  The result, a whopping 68 point increase, for a total of 233 points, considerably above the Platinum threshold of 191 points.

Managing Partner Micheal Coleman has shared the PAR philosophy, “we have never been interested in the ‘points for marketing’ game, since our properties are not for sale. We do not believe in doing things just to score points on some arbitrary scale. However, we are committed to developing the best long term solutions in terms of energy management, storm strength and water management. This begins with our Insulated Concrete Form wall systems, is furthered by our commitment to native landscapes and is completed with sand where pavers, concrete or asphalt ordinarily go. Our goal is to minimize our footprints, both physically and environmentally. It’s not so much ‘green’ as it is common sense stewardship which is part of our ‘responsive development’ mindset.”

Executive Partner Ed Chiles agrees “The nexus of this project was a desire to save our small business district and do it in a way that reflects the unique quality and character of Anna Maria. That’s why we built two story structures instead of three and developed them using historic designs and native landscape and materials. We are extremely pleased with the quality of the small businesses and shops we have attracted as well as the compliments and expressions of support we have had from so many in our community. The FGBC’s certification of our efforts is really icing on the cake. We are very proud to have completed the greenest buildings ever built in our city”

Consultant Drew Smith, whose accomplishments include the highest scoring FGBC home in Florida  as well as the highest scoring LEED home in the country, “Being Eco-savvy is one goal, but being eco-conscious is a thing all to itself. In obtaining Platinum status they understood what it took to build an environmentally friendly home. In this home they took the lessons learned in their first two buildings to an entirely new level. They have become what I like to call eco-conscious builders. They are building sustainable structures for the next generation.

It is so refreshing to work with a builder who is able to achieve enough points for FGBC certification based on their environmental stewardship and intuition rather than a monetary goal. In my opinion, this project is an exemplary icon in the way they have integrated green building technology into a product that melds into the existing environment.

I feel this project and the rest of the projects that PAR have planned for Anna Maria will be a showcase of sound green building practices and a great asset to the community. They have set a standard which others on Pine Avenue are now following and feel challenged to exceed, which is good for everyone. Anna Maria can point to this  as reflecting the soul of the island spirit, which has always focused on what nature has provided.”

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